How to best take care of my pearls?

15/05/2023 10:31 - Tips

Going through Tresoro's website analytics this morning, I saw that in recent months, there has been an increase in specific searches likeĀ pearl maintenance.
More specifically, people come to our website through questions like "Can I clean my pearls with alcohol", "How to best clean my pearls" and more in this trend.
So when we sell pearls to our customers, we like to give them some extra advice on a card and I would like to share this again with anyone who comes here looking for info.

The golden tip!

Wear your pearls regularly. Your body's natural moisture and oils nourish the pearls and make them retain their beauty.

What else do we recommend or advise against:

  • Don't keep your pearls in a safe or drawer for too long, this will dry them out.
  • Do not wear your pearls when you are ill or take regular medication. The increased acidity in your body will affect the pearls through your skin.
  • Putting your pearls on is the last step in getting ready. After all, taking a bath with soaps, drying your hair, hairspray and perfume can harm your pearls.
  • Clean your pearls with water. If you want a thorough cleaning, use some alcohol on a cloth.
  • Every 2-3 years, it is ok to rub the pearls with a little natural oil of olives or almonds to maintain their shine.
  • Feel free to ask your jeweller to treat your necklace. They can additionally advise you whether the necklace needs a new thread.

Treat your pearls well and they will do the same for you!

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