Why we often purchase pearls later (B2B)

01/06/2021 14:39 - Tips

Pearls? You don't wait with that, do you?


For some time now, we have noticed that many jewellers, when putting together their offer for the season, often buy their pearls last. First they look at the jewels, watches and only at the end they look how much space or budget there is left to complete their pearl offer.

From our own experience we learned that there are usually two reasons for this. Firstly, there is often a less pronounced preference and knowledge of pearls. To spend a larger part of the spendable budget on pearls is often seen as a bigger risk, compared to jewels with which people are more familiar and can better estimate the demand.

A second explanation we sometimes get from our customers is the lack of innovation in pearls, which also translates into the classic image of pearls. A perception that is widely supported and not without reason, as the most commonly worn pearls are white and round.

Does this have to be a problem for a jeweller? Not necessarily.
Do we, as a wholesaler in pearls, benefit from pointing this out to you? Absolutely.

You will have to excuse the bias, but if you can see through it, you will see that we only want to help and make the world a little more enthusiastic about the possibilities with pearls. Sharing is caring, right?

Let's see what we can take into account to make you more confident about your purchases of pearls and pearl jewellery and how we can show them to the world even better.

First of all, two things are important to mention. Firstly, the label "classic" is often wrongly viewed as negative, when in fact it means more "always right" than "old-fashioned". When something old-fashioned comes back into fashion, it is retro, something classic will always have its market and moment and is therefore always a good addition to the shop's range. Nowadays, the term "timeless" is perhaps used a little too quickly for pieces that do not survive the test of time. With pearls, however, after more than 3000 years, one can speak of timeless, it seems to us. It has to be said, fashion will always play its role here and to some extent pass on its cyclical character to certain jewels.

Secondly, this timeless classic character is exactly what works for many people and what attracts them to pearls, precisely because they are familiar with them and one can therefore do little wrong with pearls. So we gladly embrace the classic stamp and eagerly look for what works for us and our target audience.

What if we want to present pearls as a more contemporary product and attract new people? We recommend keeping it simple and focus on combining.

Tip 1: Add colour to your offer by mixing your pearls with coloured stones, or buy pearls in other colours. Pearls do not always have to be combined with pearls, it looks very nice and interesting to combine jewellery with colour stones with pearls. This can be done either by using both pearls and colour stones in the same piece of jewellery, or by combining a necklace with another type of jewellery. To strengthen the coherence, we recommend working with the same colour gold. There is also a wide range of natural colours available in pearls, so we don't always have to go for white. We can still remain commercial if we use different shades of pink or light grey pearls and can easily go a little further, for example, to bronze shades, oil shades or the different green-grey shades of Tahitian pearls.

Tip 2: Do not always reserve a separate place for pearls in your window, but mix pearls and pearl jewellery. In this way, customers can be inspired, the other jewels will reflect their character on the pearls and you will also present pearl jewels as an alternative for people who were not specifically looking for them.

Tip 3: Enrich your pearl offer with some modern "design" pieces in which pearls are used. The pearls ensure that they are always easy to combine, while the innovative designs give them a daring young style. A good example of this is our Macci brand, where the Eclipse line is a beautiful reworking of contemporary designs and Tahiti pearls, or our designer pieces below:


So we don't have to make big changes in our offerings to create a different perception, but we can work more customised to our audience and decide for ourselves what image of pearls and pearl jewellery we want to convey.

Are you not familiar enough with pearls to get started? No problem, you can count on us. We will gladly share our experience with you and inform you about the different possibilities, as well as what to look out for when buying pearls and the after sales care (also available on the blog).

Thank you very much for giving pearls a place in your windows, we enjoy seeing you work with them and will support you as much as we can.


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