long bohemian pearl necklace

Casually combining pearls

09/10/2018 11:50 - Tendances

Can pearls be worn casually?

Get the most out of your pearls!

Forget about looking forward to the next gala or wedding to bring out your pearls and get comfortable wearing them casually.
Looking at the jewelry worn at recent catwalks, Chanel is really setting the tone with their Ibiza style looks. jumpsuits and blazers are getting upgraded nicely with long minimalistic necklaces and pearl strands. The Bohemian adventurer is back with longer and bigger items, something our Design collection can perfectly cater to.

The past sneaker trend has paved the way for a sporty and winter chique look, where you can wear a pearl necklace, preferably a double strand or more, on your warm sweater. No need to wear all pearls when going there, bracelets on the arms and hooks in your ear are well suited to match with pearls, making it slightly less classic.

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