Get people's attention to your jewelry displays

09/04/2019 15:47 - Conseils

Get people to stop at your store and look at your jewelry offering.


Ask yourself this, how does a car dealer get the attention of customers?

Imagine driving by a car dealership and looking at their front window models.

Which cars are in the front of the stage? Exactly, the flashy sports cars and the cabriolet oldtimer. Are these the dealer's best selling products? Not at all, but it gets the customer's attention.

Attracting people to look at your products is a retailers daily challenge. People always want to see new product and you'll only have a couple of seconds to convince them of your overall offer.

Apart from the decorations and strategically placed items, having color in your windows is always a great way to get their attention.

Just as Shiny gold and bright diamonds perform well in captivating attention, colors get the people to turn their heads and stop. There's no guarantee these will be your best sellers, but they'll definitely give you a bigger window of opportunity to have your displaying efforts noticed and bring in the customers.

If you would like to see some of our new colorful product, have a quick glance at our Instagram page or on our website b2b catalogue.
There's more coming up for summer!


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