Trends from the Hong Kong Jewelry fairs

05/03/2019 16:23 - Tendances

Buying the right product for your store and making sure you keep up with the trends can be a challenging exercise.
Although there's tons of info and products online, the best sense of trends is still found at the fairs.

Tresoro took a week to really deepdive into the 2 biggest fairs in Hong Kong, to provide you, the shop owners and jewelry aficionados, some insight in what's coming up.

-"Are we still doing hoops? "

YES! Just like last year, there's still an abundance of hoops and circles coming in to the market.
If you thought you saw the biggest ones yet, you're in for a suprise. 
Big round earrings were filling the booths, lots of them set with diamonds both on the inside and out.

-"I want to buy jewelry for summer and after, what colors should I be looking at?"

Here's a good tip, start from the the Tourmaline color spectrum:

All across the different kinds of stones and pearls, the most beautiful variations of pink, purple and greens jumped out.
Colombian emerald was incredibly present with its georgous deep green colors.
Giant boulders of pink semi precious stones like Morganite, Pink Opal and Amethysts were displayed to emphasize the direction we were going in.

The purple tones were still very present, though they were widely accompanied with their lighter pink-ish neighbours.
We found the most beautiful pearls with a pink-bronze glaze, great for a summer look yet easy to combine in fall and winter.

Be sure to look out for our new collections, we're bringing out great sets with necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings to cater to your every 2019 need.

Have fun picking out your new collections and don't hesitate to ask us for advice, we'll set the trend together.

All the best!

The Tresoro team

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